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Pro Staff

Dax Szegda
I have been fishing all of my life. I started on Mille Lacs fishing walleyes, then moved onto Minnetonka to fish for bass. Today, I am a licensed fishing guide in Northwest Wisconsin. I love fishing on open water for bass and muskies and ice fishing for whatever bites. In the past few years, I have become part of Pro Tour Baits, St. Croix rods, Uncle Josh, and Northland fishing tackle pro staffs, and hopefully the future will bring more. Good Fishing and I hope to see you on the water.

Accomplishments & Achievements
- 2007 Bassmaster Weekend Series, 8th place.
- 2007 Lake Okauchee open, 5th place
- 2007 Club Tourney Wins
- 2011 Denny Potter Memorial, 1st place.
- 2011 Club Tourney Wins

- 2012, 1st place WAPO Open.
- 2013, 3rd place Bone Lake Open.
- 2013, 4th place Bone Lake Fisherman's Party
- 2014, 1st place, Balsam Lake Classic.
- 2014, 2nd place, Bone Lake Open.
- 2015, 2nd place Balsam Lake Open.
- 2015, 4th place, Bone Lake Open.

Contact Information
Location: Chetek, WI
Email: Daxszegda@gmail.com
Phone: 715-553-1501
Website: DaxsFishingGuideService.com


Nate Razim

Chetek, WI

I am very happy to be joining the Pro Tour Baits Pro-Staff.  I fish a lot of local tournaments and their products have always helped me catch a lot of fish.  I have been fishing my whole life but really started to get into bass tournament fishing about 12 years ago. I started out fishing in club tournaments as a non-boater and Thursday night bass tournaments.  I have fished many of the bigger local circuits as well as the bigger local open tournaments.   I have been a boat captain for the Chetek High School bass fishing team for the last 2 years.  I enjoy helping out the next generation of our sport and teaching them some tricks and techniques to help them catch more fish.  I also run the local Thursday Night bass league.


Accomplishments and Achievements

-2017, 1st place Ez limited Chetek Chain

-2016, 1st place 4-man open Bone Lake

-2017 2nd place 4-man open Bone Lake

-2017 5th place 2 day Big green monster Chetek chain

-2015 2nd place lucky lunkers Chetek chain

-2015 2nd place overall points Lucky Lunkers

-2016 6th place 2 day Big green monster Chetek chain

-2017 6th place Long Lake fall classic


John Hynes

Green Bay, WI

I have been fishing Northeast Wisconsin and the bay of Green Bay for almost 40 years for smallmouth bass and walleye!  My favorite rig for smallmouth is a Pro Tour Baits Ned Rig and 3.5" Swim Minnow.  I like snap jigging a 3.5" swim minnow for walleye also.  I have numerous local and National Walleye and Bass Tournament wins and I continue to fish them every year.  Some of the tournaments include:

-Cabelas National Walleye Tour

-Cabelas Master Walleye Circuit

-Cabelas North American Bass Circuit

-Sturgeon Bay Open Bass Tournament

-Sturgeon Bay Bass Tournament (also a Sponsor)

-Shawano Lake Open Bass Tournaments

-Midwest Walleye Series

-Cabelas Master Walleye Circuit National Team Championship

I also own Westshore Outfitters and charter exclusively on the bay of Green Bay, WI from April ice-out to late October for Walleye, Bass, and Musky.





Steve Hunt

Lakeland, FL

I am a semi-pro Bass Tournament Angler.  I have been living in Florida for 14 years. Other than tournament fishing, I am a US Army Veteran. I am also a member of the Bass Federation, FLW, and Army Bass Anglers.

2016 FLW Costa series and BFL

2017 Army Bass Anglers

2016 to present- Florida Bass Nation (2017-2018 State Championship Qualifier)

2018 Florida Bass Nation team trail (2018 State Championship Qualifier)

2017- to present  Toho One Man Elite Trail

2016- to present American Bass Anglers Open Series. (Central Florida Division)

Several 1st,2nd, and 3rd place finishes at Lakeland Bass Masters (2018 Tournament Director)

Partime Private guide




David Bear

Winter Haven, FL

I have fished FLW BFL division since 2009.Started as a boater in 2012. Fished 63 FLW events as a pro. The past 5 years my average ranking has been top 60 in points.I also fish ABA series in central Florida. I have several wins with Lakeland Bassmasters in Lakeland Fl . Just love to fish.

Summary of Qualifications

  • FLW – BFL Division, Co-Angler, finished 6th place overall  year standings, 2010
  • FLW - BFL Co-Angler finished 4th place overall year standings, 2011
  • Pro Boater since 2012 -  63  FLW events fished
  • Costa Series – fished 3years,
  • Denali Rods Pro-Staff since 2016
  • Woo Tungsten Pro-Staff - 2019

Professional Memberships

  • BASS Federation since 1975
  • FLW since 2010
  • American Bass Anglers since 2010
  • Lakeland Bass Masters since 2010



J Collin Gearhart

Marcellus, MI

Growing up in Marcellus, MI gave me a great opportunity to become an avid bass angler at an early age. I am surrounded by 36 lakes within 6 miles and roughly 75 within 15 to 20 miles. My Grandparents owned a campground on Goff Lakes into my early adult life and it wasn’t uncommon to see me running around with my fishing gear chasing bass! I started fishing tournaments when I was around 18 but it wasn’t until the last 4 yrs I started to get competitive. Over the last 4 yrs I have competed in local club tournaments with great success and have won a few local opens as well. Out of all the things that have come and gone in my life Bass fishing has always remained a constant. I hope to be able to give back to the sport as much as it has given to me over the years.


3rd annual Finch Lake Classic 1st place & Big Bass May 30, 2015

4th annual Finch Lake Classic 2nd place & Big Bass May 28, 2016

Keeping it Reel Bass Club- Austin Lake 4th place May 27, 2018

Keeping it Reel Bass Club- Gravel Lake 3rd place June 16, 2018

Keeping it Reel Bass Club- Corey Lake 1st place June 30th, 2018

Keeping it Reel Bass Club- Maple Lake 2nd place July 14th, 2018

Keeping it Reel Bass Club- Klinger Lake 2nd place September 1st, 2018

Keeping it Reel Bass Club- Championship @ Paw Paw Lake Big Bass September 15, 2018

I’ve also won some other local opens and open club tournaments but these are my more notable finishes.



Tim Java

Wyoming, MN

I have been exclusively using Pro Tour Baits for the last 2 years. I have caught more fish using the 3" Yo Mama than I can count, not to mention all of my biggest fish have been caught using it as well.

 I started fishing with my grandfather at about 5 years old in Northern WI. Every weekend in the summer, we would wake up early, head out to the lake, and fish for largemouth bass. Now in my 30’s, I am still fishing and loving it.

There was something missing, however. I enjoy fishing, I am always looking for ways to catch bigger fish, but I really did not have a driving force to make myself better. Then I found out about kayak bass fishing. It was just what I needed to keep me motivated to learn new techniques and fish areas that I normally wouldn’t. I am very competitive and tournaments make sense for me.

Next summer, I plan to do at least one tournament trail, Kayak Bass Series. I plan to fish as many tournaments as I can in order to make it to the National Championship at Lake Fork, TX. The trail is comprised of 6 online tournaments and at least 4 live event across the Midwest.


Tony Cammareri

Winnie, TX

Hello, my name is Tony Cammareri, 37, from Winnie,Tx. I have a wife and three kids.

When I was a young boy my dad would take me fishing down these long dirt roads to the fishing banks, like his dad did with him.  Not knowing I’d out fish him, I’d grow up begging to go fishing year after year, non-stop, and we did!

Once old enough to drive, my friends and I would meet up and have contests on who caught the biggest fish, like the pros. I’ve lost friends and gained friends over out fishing them.

Now having my own children, it’s all about teaching them about the great outdoors, and yes, I have one that’ll out fish me.

My goal is nothing more than tight lines, family functions outdoors, and rooster tails from an engine that’ll get me to the finish line at 3:00.

I’m not here to prove I’m better then you. I’m in this for the friendships & for companies willingly to sponsor me that have, and will, give me the chance to make it to the finish line!

We teach our kids to ...NEVER GIVE UP!, as well as to carry on the fishing dream of becoming a pro or simply as a hobby or sport!


Steven Krause

I am from Shirland, IL.  I like to speak about the product/products that I use on a regular basis and demonstrate them as well.  I have a wide variety of knowledge and always researching and reading about new products and techniques. I have been fishing since I could walk.  My fiancé and I have 2 daughters that are 13 and 8 who also love to be on the water and fish.  I have my own guide service that I not only guide, but teach and show the person/people with me how to fish and answer any of their questions.  I also love to teach children how to fish and what set-ups work for the different species of fish.  I began fishing local tournaments after I returned from the service.  I was a director for NBAA for 7 years and fished their tournaments for 10 years.  I also have fished in Anglers Choice, NBT, WABTA and many other open tournaments.  I qualified and went to many Classics and finished well in them all.  Currently my partner and I are in the top 20 in the WABTA series.  For the last 2 years I have participated in Take A Vet Fishing and have had many of the vets keep in contact with me.  This year I have helped with a local High School fishing team with weigh-ins and teaching them some new techniques with the equipment that I currently use.



Steven Schmitt

Savage, MN. 

I have been a die-hard lover of the outdoors since I can remember. With fishing always being the highest on my list. I have always had an extreme focus and drive for any goals and dreams I have. Mine dream being: to fish the Elite Series as a full time professional angler. While 2017 was my rookie season as far as Bass Nation Club Tournamtns go, I was able to Qualify for the MN Bass nation TOC. I finished in 5th place after day one, and ended up 14th for the tournament. With over 13 tournaments on the calendar this year including the NEW Bass nation team trail, My club tournaments, the 2018 Bass Nation TOC, both Classic Bass opens, the Denny’s Super 30 in September, and a super cool new circuit idea that my club along with Seth Feider and other MN bass anglers are working on, I am hoping to make a big splash this year!


Dustin Ferguson

My love of fishing started really early as with most people it does. But, it never really got serious until I bought my own boat out of High School. Besides the basics, everything I know about bass fishing and tournaments has been mainly self-taught. In 2015, I started competing in tournaments with Polk County Bassers (which went pretty well) with my first ever tournament being a 2nd place finish. My 2016 year went really well considering I was forced to be a non boater for the year (due to my motor being out of comission). I ended up learning more than i could have ever imagined. Also during 2016 I took a big leap into WI B.A.S.S Nation State Tournament  which was a great experience and hope for many more.


Sean Vainovskis

Lindstrom, MN

I was introduced to fishing at a young age by my father. He taught me everything from tying my first lure on to helping me catch my first bass. Fishing was only a hobby for me until I was asked by a friend to be his partner in a bass tournament. I was 17 years old and we took first place that day. It changed everything and I was hooked. I learned that competitive bass fishing is more than just throwing a line in the water and hoping for the best. You need strategy, quick decision making, using the right tool for the right job, and being able to adapt to any circumstances. I have now been competitive bass fishing since 2010, I jumped on board with Pro Tour Baits in 2014 and got my first bass boat in 2015. I still have a lot to learn and many goals to achieve in order to reach the professional level of competitive bass fishing. I give a huge thank you to Pro Tour Baits for giving me the opportunity to work with them and helping me reach those goals!


Randy Oppermann

Redgranite, WI

As a professional angler, I need soft plastic baits that are dependable and that work. Every Pro Tour Baits bait I have used so far has exceeded my expectations. I am happy to be on their pro staff!  I would highly suggest ordering their baits and try them for yourself!


Nick Fuge

Stevens Point, WI

I was happy to join the Pro Tour Baits Pro Staff in 2015.  I am an avid fisherman and love spending quality time with my kids.  Fishing with the kids is my biggest treat!  I enjoy fishing tournaments and learning new techniques and bodies of water.  A few of my accomplishments are:

Angler’s Choice Northern WI Division:
- 2014 Castle Rock Lake – 4th Place
- 2014 Biron Flowage – 7th Place
- 2014 Lake Winnebago – 8th Place
- 2014 Overall Standings – 6th Place
- 2015 Lake Winneconne – 7th Place
- 2015 Tournament Of Champions Qualifier, Lake Guntersville
- 2015 Overall Standings – 13th Place